Christa R. Surerus, MA, LPCC

Christa started out her career as a translator in Germany and moved to Minnesota in 1987. She raised two daughters while studying psychology at the University of Minnesota, and obtaining a masters degree in psychological counseling at St. Mary’s University.  She is certified as a pathological gambling treatment provider, and is currently pursuing certification in Addiction Studies at the University of Minnesota. Losing her mother to cancer at age 11 was a defining moment in her life. With the help of caring adults, she got through the dark years that followed. Her experiences peaked intense curiosity about the human spirit: what makes us resilient? How do we choose what we choose? How do we create a meaningful life? How do we access joy? How can we reach those who have lost hope? She enjoys working with people from all walks of life presenting with a variety of concerns, and is widely known for her work with singles who wish to be coupled.  



James Mallon, MA, LPC

For Jim, counseling is a second career path. He started out in film and television, and enjoyed working in that field for more than 20 years. After having experienced the death of his daughter, Jim reached out for help to work through the intense grief, and existential confusion that followed. Through his own therapy, Jim developed a strong interest in the field of psychology. In 2012, he graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a masters degree in counseling.  Since then, he has enjoyed working with a culturally and ethnically diverse clientele. His creative talents make him particularly suited for work with individuals who are involved with the Arts. His clients appreciate his warmth, compassion, wisdom and sense of humor.