Lisa Weir, MA, LMFT

Lisa’s goal is to offer clients a therapeutic relationship that is safe, empowering, and collaborative. With her clients, she aims to understand their unique challenges and work to develop healthy life skills and greater self-awareness to cope with their demanding lives.   

Lisa works with adults and older teenagers. Her areas of expertise include the diagnosis and treatment of depression, bipolar, anxiety, and personality disorders. She works with people experiencing relationship issues, life transitions, and struggles with self-esteem, shame, and assertiveness.

Lisa provides couple’s therapy to straight and gay couples.  She is an affirmative counselor who focuses on providing a safe and supportive space for her LGBTQ clients. 

Lisa is a breast cancer survivor and has experience working with clients diagnosed with cancer and other significant health issues. She utilizes cognitive and behavioral therapeutic approaches and employs integrative interventions that support the relationship between physical and mental health. 

Lisa is mother to three adult children and has been married for over 30 years. The challenges that she has experienced as a parent and spouse allow her insight into the family issues her clients bring to session.