Christa works at two of our office locations: 1) 4150 Olson Memorial Highway, #420, Golden Valley, MN 55422 and 2) 32 10th Ave S, #212, Hopkins, MN 55343

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Christa founded Birch Counseling in 2007.  She started out her career as a translator in Germany and moved to Minnesota in 1987. She raised two daughters while studying psychology at the University of Minnesota, and obtaining a masters degree in psychological counseling at St. Mary’s University.  She is certified as a pathological gambling treatment provider, and completed a certificate in Addiction Studies at the University of Minnesota. Losing her mother to cancer at age 11 was a defining moment in her life. With the help of caring adults, she got through the dark years that followed. Her experiences piqued intense curiosity about the human spirit: what makes us resilient? How do we choose what we choose? How do we create a meaningful life? How do we access joy? How can we reach those who have lost hope? She enjoys working with people from all walks of life presenting with a variety of concerns, and is widely known for her work with singles who wish to be coupled.  


To schedule an appointment with Christa, please call (866) 522-2472, ext. 1